Autumn 2021

Hello everyone!  We are so pleased you are joining us for the autumn issue of the Simple Living Collection!  Please use the following as a guide to help you through this process:

Promotion details:
September 13th is our launch date!  The sale will run from September 13th through September 20th.  We will not be adding any extra days of sales to this bundle.

You may access all promotional photos here.  More photos and promotional photos may be added throughout the sale.  Please check in the link to see what is new!

You may access all contents of the collection here.  Please note, this link should not be shared with anyone else. 

Submission deadline: August 23rd.

Commission: The Simple Living Collective provides a 65% commission rate on each sale for contributors.  The Simple Living Collective will also have outside marketing beginning on September 14th, with 20% of all marketing sales collected in a pool and divided evenly amongst contributors.

Overview Checklist:

- Complete the Independent Service Contract Agreement at the end of this page.

- Create a short bio for yourself.  Please write this in third person.  This can be simple (1 or 2 lines is satisfactory).

- Take a photo of yourself for the bio.  The image must be square.

- Create your product and prepare it for upload.  Each product should be a letter-size 8.5"x11" PDF.

- Take promotional photos.  These are photos that we will use for advertising.  Refer to our main page of our website for inspiration.  The image must be square and in decent resolution.

- Consider whether you would like to offer a special discount or offer to purchasers for items from your website.

- Fill out this form in it's entirety.  It will include your bio and other information.

Please use the following links to submit your items:
*** Please MAKE SURE that you use your first and last name FIRST in the title of your items you are submitting so that it is easy to locate them.  For example: Allyson Speake Family Manifesto.  Allyson Speake Bio Photo.  Allyson Speake Promotional Photo 1."***

Bio Photo
Promotional Photos

To access US tax documents, please use this link.

To access international tax documents, please use this link.

To upload your tax documents, please use this link.

A few further details:

When does the sale go live? 10 am EST on September 13th!

How many items are included?
There are 64 individual PDFs included.

Is there anything specific my first post should say?  In the past we have had a special write-up, but it has never performed exceptionally well.  I encourage you to try to connect with your followers in an authentic way, as things will perform much better if you share your own words! 

How many times should I share this?  This is not a one-size-fits-all answer, unfortunately.  What we do NOT want to do, is bombard our followers with the same information time and time again because they will become numb to it!  Instead, it might work better to share about it in a post, talk about it in stories, and then share a regular-content type post before sharing another in-feed post again.  If your followers are not used to seeing you selling to them, be sensitive to that!  You can easily fit this collection into a regular post by being a little sneaky!

Do you have any tips for sharing this collection?  A great method that has worked well for many is to actually MAKE some of the items from the collection and talk about the process, why it felt so good for your family to do it together, and why they would benefit from this in your stories!  People don't want to miss out on cool things!  I know that it is uncomfortable for some of you to show your face in stories, but it is SO helpful for connecting with your followers!  They want to see you and hear why you love this so much!

Can other people share my link for me?  Yes!  Many people ask for friends to share their link! 

Can I post other peoples photos from the promotional photos folder?  YES.  These photos are for all of us to use!

Do I need to tag other creators if I share their photo or product?  You are not obligated to do this.  Many creators do tag or talk about others when sharing because of the community aspect! 

Will @thesimplelivingcollective and @tanglewoodhollow interact with all of my posts during this time?  I will do my very best, but please know that it can be very challenging for me to keep up with this many creators!  I will check in periodically throughout the day to see how I can help and engage with you!  Bekah may also help with engaging with posts on The Simple Living Collective page.  

Where can I share this sale?  You can share your link anywhere that you may advertise!  This means you can share it with your email list, your instagram followers, your facebook followers, your blog, or more!

Are there any hashtags I should use?  There only specific hashtag to use during this sale is #thesimplelivingcollective.  Some other recommendations are: #intentionalliving #simplepleasures #myeverydaymagic #aquietstyle #livesimply #homesteading #simpleliving #motherhoodsimplified #oureverydaymoments #homemaker #homemaking #itsthesmallthings #thesimpleeveryday #slowandsimpledays #theartofslowliving #lifefolk #ofquietmoments #simplethingsmadebeautiful #homesteadinglife #simpleandstill #handmadehome #slowmotherhood #realmotherhood #thesimpleeveryday #childhoodunplugged

Does this product come printed?  No, this is for a digital-only product.

How much does it cost? $25

Is this only for people who have children?  This product has many items for families within, but there are many tutorials that can absolutely be used by those that do not have children.

How do I log onto my affiliate account to find my link and sale details? Use THIS LINK to access your affiliate account.

I'm confused about something.  Who should I contact?  Send a DM to @tanglewoodhollow.

Here's to a wonderful autumn season, filled with friends, family, and JOY!

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