Hello everyone!  We are so pleased you are joining us for the autumn issue of the Simple Living Collection!  Please use the following as a guide to help you through this process:

Promotion details:
September 13th is our launch date for contributors ONLY!  Affiliates may begin posting on September 14th!  The sale will run from September 13th through September 20th.  We will not be adding any extra days of sales to this bundle.

I encourage everyone to use their own words when sharing about this collection, as posts in your own language typically perform better and connect with your audience better! 

Commission: The Simple Living Collective provides a 40% commission rate on each sale for affiliates. 

Overview Checklist:

- You may access all promotional photos here.  More photos and promotional photos may be added throughout the sale.  Please check in the link to see what is new!

- You may access all contents of the collection here.  Please note, this link should not be shared with anyone else. 

To access US tax documents, please use this link.

To access international tax documents, please use this link.

To upload your tax documents, please use this link.

***** Payouts will be made within two weeks of the end of the collection.  All payouts will be made through paypal.  Please let us know which email we should use by filling out this form.

A few further details:

How many items are included? There are 64 individual PDFs included.

Does this product come printed?  No, this is for a digital-only product.

How much does it cost? $25

Is this only for people who have children?  This product has many items for families within, but there are many tutorials that can absolutely be used by those that do not have children.

Where can I share this sale?  You can share your link anywhere that you may advertise!  This means you can share it with your email list, your instagram followers, your facebook followers, your blog, or more!

Can other people share my link for me?  Yes!  Many people ask for friends to share their link! 

How do I log onto my affiliate account to find my link and sale details? Use THIS LINK to access your affiliate account.

I'm confused about something.  Who should I contact?  Send a DM to @tanglewoodhollow.

Here's to a wonderful autumn season, filled with friends, family, and JOY!

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