Spring 2021 Simple Living Collection
Simple Living Collective

Spring 2021 Simple Living Collection

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Please note: this is a digital collection.  As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will be emailed a link to your digital downloads.  Please go to your email and download the collection to your computer.  No physical items will be shipped to you.

Now more than ever, the desire to slow down, reconnect, create more joy, and savor family life stirs deep within our essence.

Join together with a group of experts from across the globe as we present to you our third issue of the Simple Living Collection.

A blueprint to a life full of lasting memories, new skills, and deeper connections.

Our spring issue is only available through March 22nd for $25!  With over 40 creators sharing tried and true skills, everything from learning to grow sunflower houses, to starting seeds indoors, to celebrating the Spring Equinox is inside.  Wildcrafted violet jelly, homemade cleaners, hatching chicks, needle-felting tutorials, spring foraging guides, seasonal decorations, and so much more is packed into this collection!

It features:
- 54 products including digital e-books, tutorials, patterns, recipes, stories, and so much more!
- materials for all ages  
- materials that can be used worldwide
- completely secular materials

We have carefully curated seven categories to help families use and add to these resources season after season:
- Create- handwork, crafts, art tutorials
- Raise- raising and learning about animals together 
- Nourish- feeding your family
- Wildcraft- foraging for wild edibles
- Family- family traditions, stories, poems
- Healthy Home- items to make your home healthier such as remedies or cleaning products
- Grow- growing your own food

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to slow down, savor family life, and learn new skills!



  • Beeswax Luminaries by Cherita Marquez
  • Felted Sweater Bunny by Marna Widom
  • Little Sprout Peg Doll Necklace by Maggie Doten
  • Mushroom Ornaments Tutorial by Franziska Shelton
  • Mushroom Peg Doll & Pattern by Samantha McKeown
  • Needle Felted Flower Crown by Molly Pratt
  • Pressed Flower Lantern by Tara Rondinelli
  • Pressed Wildcraft Bookmark by Sarita Harbour
  • Rain Gauge Tutorial by Sara McCarty
  • Spring Flower Dough by Kate Duncan
  • Spring Storytelling Apron & Story by Nicolette Sowder
  • Spring Strawberry Dolls by Naomi Noyes
  • Waldorf Window Butterflies by Nicole Spring
  • Whimsy & Wild Playful Projects by Josie Hamor
  • Wild Woven Hanging Baskets by Leah Damon
  • Wildflower Crowns by Jessica Richardson
  • Y Branch Weaving by Katie Munn
  • Dandelion Window Scene by Allyson Speake


  • Creating a Nature Shelf Ashley Comer
  • Setting a Spring Historical Table by Paige Sander
  • Spanish Springtime Scavenger Hunt by Naomi Noyes
  • Spring Equinox E-Book by Abbey Donald
  • Spring Storytelling Adventure by Marna Widom
  • The Daffodil Moving Picture & Story by Franziska Shelton
  • Spring Verse Card by Allyson Speake
  • Simple Living Collective Print by Tijana Lukovic


  • Sunflower House by Elizabeth Martin
  • Creating a Hanging Garden by Anna Hewitt
  • Growing Little Gardeners by Emily Elliot
  • Starting Seeds Indoors by Kathleen Henderson
  • Keyhole Gardening by Nichole Holze
  • In the Garden with Wild Math by Rachel Tidd
  • The Modern Cottage Garden by Amanda Paul

Healthy Home

  • Green Cleaning by Shauna van de Pol
  • Medicinal Infused Chinese Tea Eggs by Kearsley Schweller
  • Spring Herbs Collection by Kristine Brown


  • Falling for Shrubs by Rachel Jepson Wolf
  • Skillet Scones by Sunny Evans
  • Mini Carrot Cakes by Sunny Evans
  • Herbal Sachet Blends by Farai Harreld
  • Fermented Radish by Barbara Cloutier
  • Smoothie Guide by Desrae Melville
  • Nice Cream by Desrae Melville
  • Spring Quiche by Samantha McKeown 


  • Hatching Chicks in an Incubator by Ginny Yurich
  • Herbs for your Backyard Flock by Lauren Madden
  • Raising Quail by Roxanne Ahern


  • Elderflowers by Kate Duncan
  • Hawthorn by Kate Duncan
  • Spring Flower Recipes and Natural Dyes by Ashley Moore
  • Stinging Nettle by Lauren Madden
  • The Spectacular Dandelion by Kathie N. Lapcevic
  • Violet Magic by Karina Beck
  • Wild Spring Greens by Amanda Riley

As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will be emailed a link to your digital downloads.  Please go to your email and download the collection to your computer.

Please note that these are digital products and that nothing will be shipped to you.  Because of the nature of the product, refunds are not available.  Please read this description thoroughly.

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