Autumn 2021 Simple Living Collection
Simple Living Collective

Autumn 2021 Simple Living Collection

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Please note: this is a digital collection.  As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will be emailed a link to your digital downloads.  Please go to your email and download the PDF to your computer.  This PDF will contain contents with clickable links for you to access all of the digital items.  You will need a program such as Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free) to open your PDF.  No physical items will be shipped to you and you will not receive a google drive folder.  You will receive a PDF with clickable links to your downloads. 

*******You will receive an 18 page download.  PLEASE SCROLL THROUGH THE DOCUMENT TO FIND THE CONTENTS PAGE.  The contents page has clickable photos and text so you can easily access all of the products.********

Now more than ever, the desire to slow down, reconnect, create more joy, and savor family life stirs deep within our essence.

Join together with a group of experts from across the globe as we present to you our fifth issue of the Simple Living Collection.

A blueprint to a life full of lasting memories, new skills, and deeper connections.

Our autumn issue is only available through September 21st for $25!  With over 45 creators sharing tried and true skills, everything from learning how to mend, to baking a spice cake, to celebrating the Autumn Equinox is inside.  Candle making, beeswax leaf decorations, creating a family manifesto, making a pumpkin village, preparing your chickens for fall, broom making, and so much more is packed into this collection!

It features:
- 64 products including digital e-books, tutorials, patterns, recipes, stories, and so much more!
- materials for all ages  
- materials that can be used worldwide
- completely secular materials

We have carefully curated seven categories to help families use and add to these resources season after season:
- Create- handwork, crafts, art tutorials
- Raise- raising and learning about animals together 
- Nourish- feeding your family
- Wildcraft- foraging for wild edibles
- Family- family traditions, stories, poems
- Healthy Home- items to make your home healthier such as remedies or cleaning products
- Grow- growing your own food

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to slow down, savor family life, and learn new skills!



  • Three Simple Books by @annaghewitt
  • Fairytale Treasury by @my_seasonal_treasury
  • Acorn Garland by @theeclecticdomestic
  • Felted Sun Seed Baby by @peacewithnaturehandwork
  • Beeswax Paint Palette by @cheritabita
  • Mend It, Darn It by @ourhomeonthehill
  • Sunflower Paintbrushes by @destinationmommy
  • Autumn Peg Dolls by @jleejarrin
  • Festive Fire Starters by
  • Woodland Animal Masks by @my_seasonal_treasury
  • Clay Ring Ornaments by @candidlykatelyn
  • Cozy Candleholders by @homespunseasonalliving
  • Beeswax Leaf Dipping by @kristalii
  • Autumn Crown by @twelvelittletales
  • Pinecorn Craft by @forest.roads
  • Pumpkin Candle by @forest.roads
  • Monarch Mask by @forest.roads
  • Kite Paper Maple Leaves by @ninos.and.nature
  • Harvest Gnome Cape by @frontierdreams
  • Broom Making by @studiolittlehen
  • Acorn & Leaf Garland by @happyhedgehogpost
  • Apple Slice Bird Feeder by @gathering.wildflowers
  • Stick Binoculars by @littlepinelearners
  • Autumn Leaf Backpack by @hollowandhoot
  • Twig Pencils by @hollowandhoot


  • Whimsical Waldorf Birthdays by  @onwillowsbend
  • Autumn Equinox Guide by @wildwattlefolk
  • Autumn Coloring Pages by @jleejarrin
  • Pumpkin Village by @1000hoursoutside
  • Farm to Flight Turkey Study by @wineberryadventurescouts
  • Fall Traditions- Sugar Mice by @my1200sft_life
  • Autumn Tales by @twelvelittletales
  • Autumn Yoga Cards by @forest.roads
  • Autumn Rest Print by @forest.roads
  • Pumpkin Friend Tutorial by @awilderchild
  • Creating a Family Manifesto by @thesimplelivingcollective/@tanglewoodhollow
  • Fall Nature Guide by @the_wild_nook

Healthy Home

  • Root Medicine by @amanda.w.riley
  • Calming Herbal Tinctures by @waldorf_melanin_mama
  • Herbal Gummies by @florasfeastbotanicals
  • Immune Syrup by @florasfeastbotanicals
  • Botanical Soap by @julia.linsteadt
  • Autumn Herbs Collection by @herbalrootszine
  • Be Well Basket by @leahdamon


  • Fall Chicken Care by @slowlivinghomestead
  • Holistic Chicken Care by @naturally_tess_


  • Autumn Recipes by @motherhestia
  • Herbal Finishing Salts by @magnolia.and.oak
  • Autumn Soup by @jleejarrin
  • Golden Milk Chai by @destinationmommy
  • Six Layer Spice Cake by @northwoodsfolk
  • Forestscape Foccacia by @northwoodsfolk
  • Gingerbread Shield and Dragon by @waldorfdads
  • The Perfect Cup of Tea by @bellamartinelli
  • Champurrado by @lindseywondo
  • Tomato Pie Recipe by @honeycombcabin


    • Staghorn Sumac Guide by @gathering.wildflowers
    • Curly Dock Crackers by @hollowandhoot
    • Dandelion Root E-Book by @growforagecookferment
    • Foragers Jam by @studiolittlehen


    • Growing the Gourd by @christyrucker
    • Mindfulness Rituals for the Garden by @rather_be_home
    • Autumn Gardening by @naturally_tess_

      As soon as you complete the checkout process, you will be emailed a link to your digital downloads.  Please go to your email and download the PDF with access to your materials to your computer.

      Please note that these are digital products and that nothing will be shipped to you.  Because of the nature of the product, refunds are not available.  Please read this description thoroughly.

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